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April 16, 2011

The Walker Collection

 Well, this week's theme is definitely the 1950s! With summer fast approaching, rockabilly swing dresses are at the heart of the Walker Collection. Who is Walker, you might ask? Well, Mr. Walker is my neighbour, very paternal and protective, he looks like an actor from one of those medieval, Viking type movies. With his white hair tied back in a ponytail and white goatee beard, he commands quite a figure but he has a heart of gold.  One day, I came home to several large garbage bags on my porch. As I opened them, I was thrilled to find them overflowing with vintage items from the 1950s! The first thing I thought was is this a dream? As I started to go through the bags I try to think of who would be so generous and thoughtful as to leave these wonderful items on my doorstep.
Later that evening I saw Mr. Walker out on his porch. He asked if the 'dresses were okay?" I proceeded to gush and thank him profusely saying they were perfect then cautiously asked in a tone similar to Oliver Twist, "Is there anymore?" "Yes", he replied. "We were going to throw out the ones that were dirty or ripped but if you want them, I'll bring them by tomorrow". Recovering from shock at what could have been thrown out, I eagerly anticipated my next gift from my Vintage Godfather! Sure enough, another bag plus shoes and purses were at my door!
The dresses found in the bag on my porch!

I truly have wonderful neighbours that embrace the love of vintage and were lovely enough to think of me when finding such treasures. Through the magic of my mother's cleaning, mending and pressing handiwork, I was like to present some of the Walker Collection!

1950s Jerry Gilden Spectator Dress "Tahiti Treat'

1950s Wisteria Lane Dress ~Sold
1950s Summer Breeze Dress~sold
Soon to be listed in my shop this weekend. 1950s Black Fig Swing Dress
Notice the sign to the right of Megan, yes, we do our photographs at Mr. Walker's house too! Kitty Mort likes to get in on the vintage action! Sold to a FAB customer in Australia!
The first of many 1950s blouses in the collection! sold!
1950s Country Picnic Dress! The pink in this dress is adorably sweet!
1950s Root Beer cropped blouse
1950s Pink Poodle summer pin up dress

All of these dresses plus more to come can be found at The Witchery Vintage. As a special offer, follow this blog and receive 15% off when you put BROOMSTICK into the coupon code! Enjoy!


  1. Oh my .. ! These are all Gorgeous with a big G!

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  2. Oh wow that would be like a dream come true for me.Did he have a story about whos they were etc?

  3. Oooohhhh WOW what a treat to the eye i would have cryed buckets if someone had left all these on my doorstep i can't quite get my head around it did they belong to his wife? what an amazing collection of times past there beautiful. I found you via Nelly she mentioned this post on her blog so glad she did i will look forward to reading your future posts, dee x

  4. oh my god - how fabulous!! It would be a dream for me too to have bags of vintage clothes left on my door step!! Scarlett x

  5. Indeed Mr. Walker is amazing! He found these treasures while cleaning out a building that defaulted on their rent. According to him, whomever rented out the building was using the area for storage and someone had previously had an antique shop and before defaulting on the rent, cleared out what they wanted, leaving the lovely dresses behind! The rest, they say is history! xoxo