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July 15, 2011

Hey Sailor! The Art of Wearing Navy and White

"Hey Sailor" The Art of Wearing Navy and Blue~

There something about navy and blue that is flattering to everyone. When I am searching for new vintage treasures, my eye is always drawn to navy and white. Maybe it's that nautical theme, maybe it's because you can wear killer red lipstick and look like a bold screen siren or maybe it is elegant and classic. Whatever your age or whatever your style, navy and white is always a great choice~ Here are some new things coming to my store this week as an ode to this great colour combination.

The Witchery Vintage

July 13, 2011

A Day in the Life~Common Sights

Now that it's summer and I have a wee bit more time to work on my blogging skills and photography aptitude, I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the sights from my daily life. From the garden in full bloom to the vintage stuff all around my house waiting either to be listed or simply enjoyed, here's to the simpler things~

A few cool things I picked at a yard sale. I love shabby chic and thus anything white! The old amber bottle came from the woods on Pelee Island at one of the pre-war bottle dumps scattered around the island.

I love lavender and would have it everywhere I could! The colour, fragrance! This year's wet spring has made for some lovely lavender that is rich in colour and scent!
Reading is a sinful pleasure for me. I love to read but often get too busy during the school year to indulge. This is the current book I am enjoying. Sue Monk Kidd is an amazing author with an approach to the divine feminine that is both understated yet powerful.

More stuff to list on my Witchery Antiques site! Not the raven though, he stays!

Well I hope you enjoyed this little vignette of common sights around my house..more to come later.

July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

Historical Background to Canada Day for my international friends: Frequently referred to as "Canada's birthday", this special  occasion marks the joining of the British North American colonies of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec into federation on July 1, 1867. Canada became a kingdom in its own right on that date, but the British Parliamentt kept limited rights of political control over the new country that were shed by stages over the years until the last vestiges were surrendered in 1982 when the Constitution patriated the Canadian constitution.

At home and all across Canada, July 1st is a holiday where everyone has fun, gets together with family and friends and enjoys everything that this wonderful country has to offer. Parades, festivals, fireworks, food and fun comprise many Canada Day celebrations. Today I had the pleasure of introducing my new neighbour Carlotta to this special day. Living in Canada for only 2 years, she was unfamiliar with the history and background of the day but had a wonderful time as we shared the special festivities in Port Dover, Ontario, a wonderful lakeside community about 10 minutes from my home.

Of course, Canada Day wouldn't be the same without some red and white vintage to mark the day. I wore a 1970s red with white polka dot silky wiggle dress with a cute matching bolero jacket and a blue and red straw hat. Vintage 1980s Wayfarers topped it all off!

Happy Canada Day!
Love, Sandra

 Carlotta and myself enjoying the Canada Day Parade in Port Dover, ON
1970s Red and White Polka Dot Dress with matching bolero jacket and navy blue straw hat~both thrifted

 Winner of Best Float at the Parade!

The Canadian Flag at top the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover silhoetted by a ship wheel light.