Musings of a Woman Exploring the Vintage Magic in our Lives

March 26, 2011

The Estate up on the Hill

I love people! I'm interested in what they do, what they were, what they eat etc. I'm especially interested in how they live and what type of home decor they have. In the world of vintage, usually a penchant for uniqueness in clothes is followed by avant garde home decor. Let's just say those who love vintage don't have homes that look like model subdivision homes. They are unique and interesting. Decorating with found objects from a yard sale or thrift shop is as thrilling  as scoring a great vintage dress.
Awhile back someone asked me about my home so I've decided to share it with you. My home is located in a small rural town filled with century homes, bordered by farms. The people are friendly and the birds always sing. There are lots of cats to keep mine company and lovely neighbours like Mr. Walker leave wonderful presents at my door ~a huge bag of 1950s vintage dresses!
My house is located on a corner at the top of a hill bordered by a forest parkette. Built in the 1930s, it has lots of twists and turns and stairways that lead to interesting rooms. As many homes, it is a work in progress and I'm always painting or fixing something. My labour of love style is a mixture shabby chic, thrift shop, Ikea as is and auction  finds. I hope you all come and visit one day! xoxoxo

The original oak front door welcomes you. My Est. 2004 cast iron sign covered up a mail slot. It's also when I bought my house.

One of my favourite rooms is Lindsay's bedroom. Decorating last summer for her graduation gift, I love the soft grey paint.  Paint: Benjamin Moore Thundercloud
Dresser: Ikea in the As Is section

The chandelier from Ikea is the perfect addition for Lindsay's room. When morning sunlight streams into her room, it provides the perfect backdrop for my vintage clothing photos.
Staircases lead to interesting places......See the great laundry chute door to the left, it goes straight down to the basement!  A vintage invention they should have in new homes today!!....
My shabby chic bedroom with furniture from Ikea. The mirror on the dresser was picked up for .50 cents at a yard sale!

My livingroom is a work in progress. I would like to paint the walls a different colour but for now it's cozy!
Sofa/chairs: Ikea
Oak table: yard sale for $5
Gold mirror: auction for 10$ (which Dean dropped but didn't crack!)

Easter bunnies are a sure sign of spring!

 My backyard in Winter. The grass (which doesn't grow) will be replaced with flagstone this spring!

Come and visit!

March 16, 2011

You're Never Too Old to Play Dress Up!

Remember when you were small and played dress up with your mom's or grandmother's clothes? I do! I remember wearing my mom's old 1950s hats and purses with my friends. How grand I felt! Many years later, I feel no different especially when I wear vintage! Today I feel like a Parisian Flapper aka Louise Brooks. Thanks to Ashley from Fringe Salon  in Simcoe, she has once again outdid herself and has 'flapperized' me by creating the perfect 1920s bob! However, the pièce de résistance is this wonderful vintage dress from Astral Boutique. Sasha is always inspiring and her pictures of this dress made me fall in love. I could picture myself strolling along a Parisian street, having coffee at an outdoor cafe while violin music played in the distance. Vintage clothing lets you go back in time and never gets old!

You are never too old to play dress up!

Dress: 1980s Lanz Original from Astral Boutique
Hair: Ashley from Fringe Salon in Simcoe, Ontario,Canada