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April 3, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I hope it's finally over! Snow! Please Mother Nature no more snow, bring us spring! If today is any evidence that spring has finally arrived, well rest assured, we'll be basking in its warm glory very soon! The Witchery Vintage has gotten into the 'spring' of things to with some new fabulous vintage for spring from current retro 70s jumpsuits (a huge runaway trend for spring), 1960s floral shifts and the fun of the 1980s, we have something for everyone! Enjoy!

Black and White for Spring
1940s/80s look Polkas and Peplum

Garden florals
1980s April Cornell Shabby Chic print
1940s Pink Daisy Day dress

Gorgeous Sky Blue70s  Maxi Dress with Sexy Back

1960s Floral shift dresses

Chocolate Brown Lace Mini Dress 80s/90s

OOh La La! 1960s French style Black stripe knit dress

All of these fabulous dresses will be coming up this week on the Witchery Vintage!


  1. Love the outfits, but of course the hat is the finishing touch! The toque tilt with the April Cornell dress is perfect!

  2. I love the hat and dress combination too! xoxox

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  4. Wow, these are gorgeous! Particulary the polka dots, I am addicted to the pattern.


  5. ooooooooooo love all these amazing dresses:)