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April 26, 2011

I Heart My Customers Royal Style!

This is the week for Royal Wedding fever! T.V., radio, the internet are all focussing of the 'wedding of the century!" Although personally I believe that title goes to Diana, this wedding is a step in the right direction for the monarchy and for young people's views on marriage (with fingers crossed)~
I love selling wedding dresses and last spring, The Witchery Vintage sold several wedding gowns to special customers overseas.  One wonderful customer, Carolanne Armstrong, graciously has shared her wedding pictures with me. What makes this extra special it that she resides in England and the photos were taken in front of Windsor Castle! She makes a most beautiful vintage bride!!!!!Thank you so much Carolanne for sharing your photos with me. I am so happy that we could be involved in making your special day an unforgettable one!!!xoxoxxo

~Vintage make Dreams come True~

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  1. Diana's wedding was in 1981, so it happened in the last century, 20th, we are in the 21st century.