Musings of a Woman Exploring the Vintage Magic in our Lives

June 4, 2011

The View from my Deck

Last summer I worked very hard in the hot sun, humid air and dusty conditions (from the roadwork on our street) to create a bit of paradise in my yard. Like many of you, I never sit down to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Rushing by watching the cats enjoy my new lounge chair rather than me made me even more tired and longing for a rest. This evening I decided to lay down on my lounge, have a glass of wine and listen to 107.3 The Wave out of Cleveland and enjoy my yard. Of course, Mr. Bengal Bigglesworth was not ready to give up his spot so we shared the evening together!


  1. Oh, love the garden and the little red house <3

  2. GORGEOUS photos and such a treat peek into your day ;-) Can't believe I am just now finding your blog girl! Following forever now!!! Going to go thru your older posts too.