Musings of a Woman Exploring the Vintage Magic in our Lives

June 2, 2011

The Lady in Red

I absolutely love the colour RED! Sometimes it takes a little bit of courage to wear red. You are often noticed in the drugstore checkout line in a sea of black and brown. Red inspires! Red says I'm here! Red says pay attention. Perhaps this is why my lovely students seem to appear more attentive when I wear red even though it is hard for my seniors who are graduating in a few weeks. Nevertheless, wearing red makes me feel Great! Today I wore a very clingy (thanks Weight Watchers for the 16 pound loss) late 80s red dress with a black belt, vintage Mary Jane shoes from ThePuppetCoven and this amazingly  wonderful handknitted 20s inspired cloche from ChiCreations I received so many compliments on my hat today I just had to share this wonderful seller with you. Thank you Christine for topping off a wonderful day for this lady in red!
Shoes from the Puppet Coven
Dress and belt from The Witchery Vintage

Red Lipstick: "Alarm' by Rimmel