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December 28, 2010

A Desire to Return to the Past

The art of blogging is a past time that has yet to be. I still yearn for the days of letter writing when people picked up a paper, pen in hand and wrote. I still remember my mother hanging the dozens of Christmas cards we would receive each Christmas. Strung across the livingroom wall, cards with carefully handwritten notes adorned our livingroom.

With Facebook, texting, etc. we are losing this art. I hope it comes back even as a vintage thing. This brings me to the second aspect of the past I would like to see return: Women wearing hats. Nothing completes an outfit more than a hat! When you wear a hat, people greet you with a smile and comment. When I wear hats, strangers come up to me out the blue and say "Nice hat" or just stare in a friendly fashion. Perhaps when I wear heels, I'm about 6"2 but I really believe it is the hat that is the 'ambassador' of friendliness.

Solanah of Vixen Vintage redefines the art of wearing hats among younger women who embrace the vintage lifestyle. She is absolutely gorgeous. Read more about Solanah and her fab hat collection.

This Christmas I was determined to dress in vintage from head to toe and to do my best to represent and bring about a return to the lost art of "The Hat".

Hat and Accessories~The Witchery Vintage
Leopard Coat~Connie's Closet Peetc01

Some of my favourite hats from my collection that alas I am parting with~


  1. Oooh! I would love to see a full shot of that last outfit - the thumbnail of the one with the black bow tie hat looks wonderful! Great leopard print coat, too.

  2. The black bow tie dress was listed on Etsy but didn't last long! A wonderful customer from Finland bought this dress! Thanks so much for following me:)