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August 19, 2011

Yard Saling Finds

I am an avid yard saler. Getting up at 6:30 a.m. is a call of duty for me during the late spring, summer and fall months. Yard sales in our county can be small, household ones or get as big as the giant townwide sale in Caledonia, ON where hundreds participate! That being said, how can I help myself but think of all the treasures that await me. Today I went with my very cool neighbour, Carlotta. She is from Mexico and I swear I will be bilingual in Spanish very soon. She loves to yard sale as much as I do and we both know how to rock a sale.
Today was Friday and normally there are not many sales to be found but to our advantage there were a lot mostly because of the Port Dover Summer Festival and perhaps it was just a great sunny, warm day. From Simcoe to Norwich to Port Dover, we ventured getting some really cool things. I think we have a TV show in the making! Here's some of what we found!
The colour of the day was red and black! Cool 80s red suede witch boots-$1, 50s Tapestry purse $2, 80s Danier Red Suede Crop Jacket $1, 60s mink hat in black hat box $2, black knit cat .50 cents!

 I just had to give him a home!
 Patterns from the 60s, All bigger sizes too! all for about $4!


  1. Great finds! I would have definitely picked up that kitty too. Am a sucker for cute. And great deal on those patterns!!

  2. fuuuun! I love a good score!

  3. Awesome finds! Those boots are totally calling my name - what size are they? And the patterns have me drooling!

  4. thanks Cynthia! I believe the boots are a size 7. :)

  5. Oh that little kitty is the sweetest thing!