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May 5, 2011

If I Could Dress Kate Middleton...

It's hard to believe almost a week has passed since the big "Wedding". Kate Middleton is the current 'it' girl and who can blame us for being so enamoured with her! Tall at 5'10, long gorgeous brown hair, slim figure and of course, married to a Prince that really loves her! For all those assets, I think she dresses kind of boring tat time with all those blue dresses with black jacket looks. The wedding dress was an exception of course. The wedding dress inspired vintage dreams of Grace Kelly with all her class and elegance. So how about it Kate, why not try on some vintage looks? Here are some of my picks for Kate and a sneak peek at this week's offerings from the Witchery Vintage!
For those casual weekend at the castle...a 1950s cotton lace trimmed rockabilly frock from the Walker Collection

1930s inspired navy and white polka dot dress with blue felt cloche

For days when she's visiting her mum and cool sister Pippa!~1970s off the shoulder senorita style flounce dress

For those cruises or visits to Africa~1970s blue and white sundress

For when Kate and William visit Canada!!! Perfect for a walkabout!
1940s inspired cheetah print suit with pencil skirt, 1960s leopard pillbox and matching butterscotch gloves

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  1. Oh my I LOVE that Senorita dress and the Blue & White sundress! Gaauuugeous!