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February 24, 2011

Vintage Glee Mash up

As most of you must know by now, one of the most popular shows on TV is Glee. Glee chronicles the adventures of a high school glee club and their challenges, triumphs etc. interspersed with life lessons and most wonderfully, vintage songs from the 60s, 70s, 80s as well as current hits. I could never understand why Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" or Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" became so popular among my high school students until I started watching Glee. It is the only show that really makes me feel good after watching it. It is like watching those old musicals from the 50s. The great thing is that each character on Glee has a definitive fashion look that I have tried to mash up with our own Witchery Vintage clothing. The meaning of the term, “mash-up,” is described as what happens “when you take two songs and mash them together to make an even richer explosion of musical expression.”  In other words, two songs that might not initially seem to belong together are blended, the process of which reveals unexpected connections between the songs and might even yield an even stronger work than either one is on its own.
Well, the Witchery Vintage has done just that! Even though some of the clothes may not be an exact match, the unexpected connections that it makes to the Glee character and to one's own unique tastes creates an even stronger look all its own! Enjoy!

Kurt's military look is covered here with Steampunk Army 1960s suit from the Witchery Vintage.

Rachel Berry's character is played by Lea Michele's red carpet look can be copied for a fraction of the price! Megan is modelling the Peach Queen prom dress on Etsy on sale now.

Emma Pilsbury, the school's guidance counsellor is single handedly bring back teacher chic with ruffle blouses and cardigans, Emma's look is so 1960s. I would love to see Emma is this Witchery Vintage item called Vampire's Kiss especially in a Twilight type episode!

Tina is so much fun and her goth look is so cool! Here I am channelling Tina and The Adams Family in a black jumper and white blouse called Night at The Museum

Santana's love of stripes and fur is evident is this episode outlining the dangers of drinking. The fur vest I had has been sold but this Bleu Nuit shirtdress is available now.

I love Sue and her sardonic approach to life. Even though The Witchery Vintage didn't have an athletic suits to offer, I picked this Nautical Sailor Dress for $42 as a fair compromise. Think Sue would approve?

Rachel is known for her feminine yet quirky looks and this plaid skirt offers just the right combination. Lindsay channels Rachel in thisvintage red plaid skirt called Boston Common from the Witchery Vintage.

Quinn is so feminine and truly beautiful that this dress called Betty visits Venice from the 1960s and named for Betty Draper from Mad Men would look absolutely gorgeous on her. Even without the orange piping, this dress offers up alot of similarities in the beauty of Quinn and vintage dressing.

Mercedes is a strong independent girl who loves her curves. I would love to see her in this 1960s mod maxi dress called Calinfornia Dreamin because it inspires and reflects all that she is.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little ode to Glee from the Witchery Vintage and hope to do more mash ups in the future. Megan is also very excited because as her Grade 8 Graduation gift, she and I are going to see Glee Live in Toronto in June!  Fun and fashion!


  1. Could you at least credit Fashion of Glee? You're stealing our photos, which are Copyright

  2. Fashion of Glee - you can copyright picture stills of a heavily copyrighted TV show??? Heh.

  3. Thank you to Fashion of Glee for the photos.