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February 16, 2011

One Last Goodbye to Winter

Today as I returned home from school to melting snow and that hint of spring in the air, I wanted to share my last blast of fun with my girls last weekend. With an ode to winter and all that is good, Megan, Lindsay and I went out for lunch to celebrate Valentines Day and Lindsay's 15th birthday. On the way to our fav cafe, The Llama Bean, we stopped down an alley way that connects parts of old Simcoe. My big smile is in part that I have lost about 8 pounds so far! Yeah! Secondly, the last (hopefully) big snowfall of the year allowed us to create some magical shots with black and red plaid and fur! Enjoy!
Dress: 1980s black and red plaid dress with black velvet cuffs and collar~The Witchery Vintage
Coffee at the Llama Bean
Reading the paper !

Chicken Caesar Wrap~The girls' favourite

Lindsay in a Rabbit Fur Vest aka 70s
It was a great way to end the winter and the icy grip it has had on all of us. Spring, bring it on!

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