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September 7, 2012

The Season of The Witch~ New for Fall

It's been awhile! Wow! I can't believe it's been since May since I have made a new blog posting! Well, I guess the Fall season inspires me the most.! I love it when the leaves start to change, the nights get cooler, the crickets get louder and the mornings, for some reason, seem alot more quiet. Overall, the season of autumn is a truly glorious time~Enjoy! 

May 21, 2012

New to the Shop

New to the Shop~ I'm Sexy and I Know It~

 Mid century women of the 50s and 60s cherished their femininity and donned only the most impecable of clothing even to go shopping or to the park. No pyjama pants in those days!  Foundation garments of  a bra, girdle, slip, garter belts, stockings created the curvaceous look of the day. This may sound like a lot to endure for the busy career woman of 2012. This however doesn't mean that women shouldn't feel good on the inside as well as projecting a positive outward self image.

As women, we must revel in the fact that we are women. Vintage lingerie lends itself to creating that sensuous, sexy attitude goes hand in hand with confidence. New to the shop this week is vintage lingerie from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Remember, you are sexy and you know it when you wear vintage~

January 29, 2012

My Secret Room~Shabby Chic Office Before and After

During the ongoing transformations that have been occurring in my house during the last several months, I have never been more happy than with my new 'reflection' room / office. This room has always been difficult to first a) define what it should be b) decorate it. It is a north facing room that is often dark despite the big picture window and patio doors at either end. It was the original garage to the house at one point (obviously people had smaller cars in the 1940s!) and was renovated into a room. It has been used a t.v. room, office and most recently my vintage clothing storeroom. It was at this point that I had to gain control and make this room  into what is was destined for~ a room that I could relax in, enjoy my garden, entertain friends with coffee, read and still maintain a small home office.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results! I chose a wonderful purple grey colour inspired by an floral ottoman I found at a yard sale in the summer, paired with white wicker, Ikea furniture and vintage pictures, it is perfect! See for yourself!
Room Notes:
Painter, Contractor, All around Ikea Wizard: Michael Bush Hall, Simcoe, ON
Paint Colour: 'Slip' Benjamin Moore
Bookcase: Billy Bookcase and Doors Ikea
Lounge: Ektorp Ikea
Endtable : Waterford Antique Market
White Wicker Chair: Yard Sale
Art: Ikea

This lounge is soooo comfortable and this room is so cozy on a snowy day!

Antique bustform from Heritage Lane in St. Williams, ON and vintage pics of my Grandmother and Dad and I !

A soon to be listed antique book from 1897!

My office~
vintage shabby chic chair: Southworks Antique Market, Cambridge, ON
Wicker Desk: Yard sale
White Shelf: Ikea Levesik

December 3, 2011

Shabby Chic Dining Room Before and After

Wow, it has been a month since my last posting but I have been so busy!!! One of my personal goals before the end of 2011 is to have my house looking tip top! When I finally was true to myself and listened to my inner voice and no one else, I decided to renovate the house the way I wanted it! After all I own it and pay the mortgage. With a love for Shabby Chic and Paris Apartment style and a keen eye for decor at minimal expense, I set along the decorating path. Feeling a little like Martha and a little like Sarah Richardson, my team of paint experts at Benjamin Moore and my knight in shining armour Micheal (my painter, contractor and ever so handy man) have been transforming my house one room at a time.
Today I want to reveal the dining room. It is a south facing room so it gets lots of sun and has lots of windows. We really don't spend alot of time in there since eating in front of the TV or on the go is more our forte. I wanted a dining room that would be inviting, look great in summer or winter and be of course Shabby Chic therefore hopefully we would spend more time in it and be able to have a FAB Christmas dinner.
Even though I committed the cardinal sin of painting over original wood trim, I love how it looks and I'm very happy!!
Well here it is!

Ikea Lekvsik Round Table with Leaf:
$250 on Kijiji
White ikea chair covers: $5 each
Pink and white striped pillows: 2$ each Value Village
Chandelier: 10$ Yard Sale and the best bday gift from my neighbour, Carlotta
Gold Mirror: $1 thrift sale
Painting: by Micheal Hall
Paint: Wall: Woodlawn Blue, Egg Shell
         Trim: Cloud White, Semi Gloss
Christmas Items: Yard sale
I still have to put up some drapes yet, but I'll save that for another blog!

October 30, 2011

The Mysteries of Port Ryerse

I am fortunate enough to live in a place that is steeped with history and folklore. This is my favourite time of year as the nights get colder, the leaves turn brilliant reds and golds and Norfolk County takes on a little mystery of its own. Having a vintage clothing store allows me not only to show you the wonderful clothes we have to offer but to also share with you the places where we love to showcase them. Last weekend and today we are in a little lakeside town called Port Ryerse.
Founded in 1795 by Samuel Ryerse, a U.E.L. During the mid 1800s, it prospered under the lumber exporting industry.When the railway bypassed Port Ryerse in the late 1800s, the town's prosperity faded but it still remained a popular summer getaway as well as a great fishing spot along Young's Creek.
Today only restored century homes, cottages and the wonderful Anglican church remain. The churchyard cemetery is an historic United Empire Loyalists gravesite dating back to the early 1800s. I find it fitting to shoot some of our vintage clothing here because it is so beautiful and takes me back to another time. If you get a chance to visit the church, do so. Last week, some tourists thought I was a tour guide because they 'thought I was in costume" " No, I explained, I just sell vintage! :)"

Entrance to the Port Ryerse Anglican Church~
Perfect autumnal inspiration~
Photoshoots can get a little creepy at times~

This is the outfit that prompted the tourists to ask if I worked here~

The United Empire Loyalist Cemetery behind the church in Port Ryerse.

This is a gorgeous 70s boho wedding gown photographed in front of an old farmstead from 1866.

More pictures and stories to come from today's photoshoot!